Monday, June 22, 2009

Band Logo Designs

I made up these logo roughs for my friend Demian Johnston. His band's name is Hemingway, and I thought I'd take a crack at designing some tee shirts for him. I did these a while ago, and just rediscovered them. I suggested the designs to him again,unfotunately just in time for the band to change their name. (Sigh).

The concept revolves around polydactyl cats being colloquially referred to as "Hemingways". I especially like using an x-ray image for the black shirts. That's a real six fingered x-ray, by the way; thank Google for that. The fleshy six-fingered hand I did myself, using collage and illustration to make it look more convincing.

At the time I even suggested kids' tees with five-fingered Mickey Mouse gloves under the type. I thought it would be one of those jokes that you either got, or you were dumb.

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