Thursday, August 13, 2009

Character Concept for Cyberspace Mountain

A long while back I worked on a project for Disney Interactive, through Zombie Virtual Entertainment, doing some concept designs and helping to storyboard the action. It was a virtual rollercoaster called Cyberspace Mountain, and this was a concept design for a host character who would test the impossible coaster you'd design before you took a spin on it yourself. This character at the time was named "Krash". That's a plumb bob kind of thing on his chest to help show the effect spinning upside down and being flung around would have on the rider. The heart monitor would flash at exciting opportune moments, and his body could fly to pieces if the ride was too intense. It was a simple crash test dummy robot, and nothing more. At least I got to design some options for them.

I have no idea if this character or if any similar character was ever included in the final project, but Cyberspace Mountain is still available somewhere in Disneyworld, with youtube videos online to show how it works.

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