Friday, May 4, 2012

Creepy But Friendly

A digital background painting done in Corel Painter as an acrylic painting.  This is a portfolio piece and was not used in production of any game.

A collection of me.

For one reason or another, I've been asked to make self portraits over the years for inclusion in mastheads, or on employee identification files, or for year end business or other similar things. 
Over the years, they've piled up.  I think that, sadly, the one with the green shirt is closest to the cruel hand fate dealt me, but the other weirdo ones are at least funny.

 That blue head was drawn by my brother many, many years ago.  You can tell how old it is since I've had silver hair coming in since I was in my twenties. I cherish the one copy I have of that drawing.  I don't even have the original anymore, but I cherish the washed out xerox in my file cabinet.

 The beardo one is ancient as well.  I fully remember the ponytail I wore when I drew that one. The one on the right there was drawn a full seventeen years later. 

This is just Facebook silliness.  Nothing to see here.

Drawings from the news

This is my new thing.  I love to warm up by doodling people from news stories; usually, miscreants and bullies, so I feel that I have free reign to make them awful.  I have a Rick Santorum around here somewhere too.  I'll post it when it turns up.

More produce drawings for the Seattle Weekly

Soon to be a painting!  Here's the work up for a three foot wide piece I'm starting up shortly.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I should post more often

I always mean to post here, but I rarely do these days.  With Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and every other non-web pursuit fighting for bandwidth, it's easy for something like a humble blog to get lost in the shuffle. 

These drawings might not be new, but I've been thinking about getting more life drawing in, and revisiting these sketches really helped me with that decision.

There Are No Small Jobs

I'll be illustrating a series of poems about different fruits and vegetables throughout the summer for the Seattle Weekly.  This week, fan favorite rhubarb!

Seattle Weekly Care Bears Cover

This is a recent Seattle Weekly cover I did with art director Jane Sherman.  The inspired treatment of the logo was all her idea.  Come to think of it, the whole concept was hers.  Go, Jane!