Friday, May 4, 2012

A collection of me.

For one reason or another, I've been asked to make self portraits over the years for inclusion in mastheads, or on employee identification files, or for year end business or other similar things. 
Over the years, they've piled up.  I think that, sadly, the one with the green shirt is closest to the cruel hand fate dealt me, but the other weirdo ones are at least funny.

 That blue head was drawn by my brother many, many years ago.  You can tell how old it is since I've had silver hair coming in since I was in my twenties. I cherish the one copy I have of that drawing.  I don't even have the original anymore, but I cherish the washed out xerox in my file cabinet.

 The beardo one is ancient as well.  I fully remember the ponytail I wore when I drew that one. The one on the right there was drawn a full seventeen years later. 

This is just Facebook silliness.  Nothing to see here.

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